Utopia    Launch 03 Aug 2017

Caple takes on the copper trend with its latest collection of extractor hoods

Similar in style to the CR700 model, Caple’s new sister model, the Ceramica island extractor hood CR750 will add a dash of drama and contemporary style to any kitchen. The fluctuating ribbed shape cleverly encourages light to bounce off of it – crafting an opulent appeal.

Succeeding in both form and function, the practical centrepiece features integrated LED lighting, four different speeds – that are operable via a remote control – and a high-performance motor that provides quiet yet effective extraction. To truly make a statement with this stylish design, consider placing the piece over a central kitchen island, either in a solo or duet pairing (as featured). The contoured ceramic body – which has been handcrafted for a unique finish – has an impressive 690mm diameter.

The model is available in three on-trend colours – copper, silver and white – to ensure there’s something to suit each scheme. A durable stainless steel filter and a washable recirculation kit, both of which are can be easily, equally ensure that the product will be a long-lasting success.

Caple’s product manager Luke Shipway says: “Our new contoured model will take pride of place in every contemporary kitchen and features a 20W LED light which will illuminate the hob below. With a 55m3/h motor and an auto timer, which automatically switches itself off ten minutes after cooking is complete, this hood offers powerful extraction to help keep your kitchen odour and grease-free.”

Caple | www.caple.co.uk