kb-network    Launch 04 Sep 2017

Candy launch Bianca- The voice controlled, easy to navigate freestanding washing machine

The Italian brand Candy has launched Bianca, its first collection of smart freestanding laundry appliances that are controlled remotely via the easy to navigate Candy Simply-Fi app, available for Apple iOS or Android devices and this app platform is also available to access via the Google Home Smart Hub. It features a number of unique options: as well as the ability to control the machine by talking to it using a smartphone, further programmes can be downloaded using the app together with diagnostic information.

Together with its technological advancements in relation to connectivity, this highly efficient A+++-40% energy rated family-sized 10kg washing machine also has a number of unique programme options that are easy to operate whilst producing perfect results in the shortest amount of time: it is the first washing machine to feature a ZOOM function that will wash every fabric type, in every programme, in under one hour (59 minutes). Cleaning power is intensified by the Candy exclusive Mix Power Jet+ System that injects a solution of highly concentrated detergent and water directly into the laundry, enabling more effective stain removal, thus guaranteeing an A class washing result using this option.

Suiting a contemporary-style kitchen or utility area this connected laundry model features an extra-wide chrome and stylish tinted glass porthole door with a Smart Dial control to the top right of the machine, while to the left, the drawer to the detergent compartment is intelligently designed to fit around the door when opened, and appears almost seamless when closed.

Bianca comes promoted in an interactive brochure that has a full-colour screen and five push buttons linked to the different features that the Bianca washing machine offers.
Not only is Bianca the smartest and easiest to use the washing machine on the market but the promotional brochure is a great futuristic addition that other companies should be investing in.

Candy | candy-domestic.co.uk