Utopia    Launch 23 Jun 2017

You can cook clever with Whirlpool’s new collection of SmartCook induction hobs


Whirlpool has unveiled its new range of SmartCook induction hobs, that feature innovative 6th SENSE® assisted cooking technology – giving the range it’s ‘smart’ label. The SmartCook induction hobs also feature a FlexiFull ability, allowing you to cook anywhere on the hob’s surface, rather than being constrained to particular hob rings. The FlexiFill technology will auto detect the position of pots and pans to create even-temperature cooking areas, adjustable to eight different cooking programmes – from melting to boiling or frying. The auto detection system also measures the pans current temperature and automatically adjusts the temperature of the hob’s surface to suit.

With over 60 recipe programmes, each with step-by-step guidance, cooking has never been simpler. Easily select the food you want to cook and the preferred cooking method, and the SmartCook hob will take care of the rest.

“The pièce de résistance of the Whirlpool SmartCook range of induction hobs is the everlasting shine of the surface enabled by iXelium,” said Charles Bernstein of Whirlpool. “This advanced nanotechnology treatment covers the entire surface of the hob, making cleaning as easy as wiping with a damp, detergent-free cloth, and extending its good looks well into the future.”

Whirlpool | whirlpool.co.uk