Designer    Launch 04 Apr 2017

Caesarstone launches architectural installation by Jaime Hayon, for this year’s Fuorisalone in Milan

Launched today, Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created a ‘Stone Age Folk’ exhibition, crafted from Caesarstone in over 40 varying colours, with intricate metal and stained glass touches. The exhibition, a momentous event in the company’s year long collaboration with Hayon, is inspired by flora, fauna and folklore from across the globe. The space similarly evokes references to the Crystal Palace built in Hyde Park, London, for the Great Exhibition of 1851.

The Caesarstone quartz was carefully handmade, and using traditional stone marquetry and stained glass window techniques, was transformed into the immersive life-size artwork. Indicative of Hayon, the space features his signature clown faces, prominently placed on large scale wall panels. Alongside these, tribal mask designs – representing the inspiration Hayon drew from the folklore of African culture – are displayed on towering metal edged frames.



Together the space feels playful, with a kaleidoscopic effect created through the spotlights which reflect the colours of the stone and glass.

“There is a strong element of surprise in the visible contrast between the Napoleonic, marble-made palace and this beautiful pavilion, made with 21st century Caesarstone’s quartz. Visitors will see the Caesarstone material perform in a way that incites new levels of creativity.”  Jaime Hayon, Designer