kb-network    Launch 13 Apr 2017

Building material specialist, Cembrit, launches new tile backing board ‘Unipan’

Leading cladding and building board specialist, Cembrit, has launched ‘Unipan’, a versatile and highly functional tile backing board.

Suited for internal ‘wet’ applications, Unipan is a lightweight, tough and stable material offering a solid base for tiling due to its excellent adhesion properties. Each board is manufactured from a mix of cement and aggregate, which also contains polystyrene beading to greatly reduce the weight of the board and enable easy on-site manoeuvrability.

Additionally, ‘Unipan’ also features flat, reinforced, tapered edges that are specifically designed for an excellent join, making it a perfect fit for wet installations such as bathrooms, ensuites and shower rooms. Furthermore, all boards can also be cut with hand tools by scribing and breaking, so there is no need for heavy mechanical cutting tools or dust extraction equipment – making it a must-have for any bathroom tiling project.

Cembrit | cembrit.co.uk