kb-network    Launch 06 Oct 2017

Brabantia launches the Bo Touch Bin, a new way to control waste management in style

Brabantia has released a new bin to control waste management.

Brabantia’s new Bo Touch Bin design doesn’t look like your usual bin and adds a dash of design and style to any room.

Made in The Netherlands and constructed with care in their factory in Belgium, it is the product of nearly 100 years of craftsmanship and the latest technology. Bo is made from 40% high-grade recycled materials and is bronze level Cradle-to-Cradle® Certified.

Bo is a new way of looking at the waste with four elegant legs and eight colours to choose from, including two textured editions from Brabantia’s Sense of Luxury collection (Mineral Golden Beach and Mineral Windsor Red), as well as a hugely practical fingerprint proof matt steel version.

Romke Swinkels, Director Marketing and Innovation said: “With its unique design, contemporary colours, and focus on sustainability, our revolutionary new Bo Touch Bin is spot on trend. It is the future of waste management.”

Brabantia | brabantia.com