kb-network    Launch 12 Dec 2017

Belling launches an illustrated children’s storybook to support its Sensicare laundry collection

Turning their hand to the story sector, the Belling team’s newly published children’s book is illustrated by award-winning author, Steve Smallman as part of Belling’s fully integrated marketing and retailer support campaign.

‘Teddy Goes For A Swim’ tells the story of a boy and his favourite cuddly toy, Billy the Bear, who have lots of fantastic imaginary adventures and get into a bit of a mess. The book is aimed at helping children get over the upset of being parted from their toys when it’s time for them to go into the washing machine, by demonstrating that if it’s okay for Billy the Bear to be washed, it’s going to be okay for other toys too.

The book was created after Belling concluded research that showed 72 percent of parents said that their children had suffered tears and tantrums when it was time for their favourite soft toy to be washed. A fifth of parents said they wouldn’t dare wash their child’s favourite toy, blanket or comfort item and one in five admitted to forking out for spare matching toys to ensure calm when it’s time for teddy to go in the wash. A further sleep-deprived 65 percent of parents said that they had resorted to waiting until their little ones were soundly asleep before putting toys in the wash. The book, and a cuddly version of Billy the Bear are being used as part of an integrated marketing campaign to promote the Sensicare collection.

Jane Rylands, Head of Marketing Communications at Belling, said: “We know that for parents and carers, washing toys can be a stressful experience that they could really do without. We heard so many tales of woe when we undertook our research that we wanted to create something really useful for grown-ups and kids alike. We’ve created this beautiful children’s story for parents and kids to read together which hopefully shows that it’s okay to be parted with toys whilst they go for a quick swim in the washing machine.”


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