Utopia    Launch 09 Nov 2017

Bejewel your bathroom with these new jewel-tone terracotta tiles from Domus


Exotic jewel tones are making a huge impact in the kitchen and bathroom currently and are set to be prominent in 2018’s top trends, also. The popular blue, green and metallic palette will give any room an exquisite, luxury feel and work especially in the bathroom, where they can be paired with warm brass or gold-plated brassware and an organically-shaped stone basin.

Domus’ latest launch, the New Terracotta collection – comprised of 46 colours, 9 finishes and 11 shapes and sizes – features a range of beautifully opulent jewel-inspired tiles. Each tile is handmade using traditional techniques that give the pieces a unique, tactile quality; while the company’s creative glazing techniques, jewel-like colours and metallic lustre channel the modern, glamorous trend.

The Forest Green triangle tiles, when sat together, create a cool, geometric effect, similar to the pattern created by the collection’s Mystery Teal Explosion in a ‘honeycomb hexa’ shape. The Petroleum Oxide ‘fish scale’ tiles embrace both the trend for ocean-inspired designs, while simultaneously appearing akin to an opulent midnight blue sapphire. And, adding an organic twist to the collection, the Bronze Gold T-drop tiles blend nature and opulence in a soft, shimmering aesthetic.

Whether in blue, green or gold, these striking tiles will certainly make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom!

Domus | domusgroup.com