Utopia    Launch 03 Aug 2017

Bathstore’s V&A tile collection captures the elegance, culture and heritage of the famous museum

Bathstore’s beautiful new V&A collection celebrates the close intertwined relationship between art and design. The collection comprises of three separate designs based on the classic heritage of the famous V&A museum, each with their own contemporary twists to ensure they suite a modern bathroom.

The delicate Cobalt 9 Square Décor is based on a 19th century motif by William De Morgan, and presents a simple white base adorned with busy blue nature-inspired patterns. The patterns are presented in an interesting patchwork or checkerboard effect, combing to create a lager, repetitive motif. Finishing this finely detailed design with a protective over-glaze crafts a textured characteristic, while the various colour options available will ensure there’s something to suit every taste.

Another William De Morgan inspired design, the Morgan Blue Décor, will perfectly complement a minimalist contemporary bathroom. Its bold floral motif, though using a subtle combination of blue and green shades, creates a very dramatic aesthetic – perfect for a statement tiled zone or splash back.

For a more vivacious and vibrant look, the Clematis décor captures a design by Lewis F. Day and, taking inspiration from natural earth forms, encapsulates the greenery trend. A turquoise glaze with soft petal contours and a variety of green shades combine to create attractive design that is reminiscent of its traditional 19th century design.

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