kb-network    Launch 09 Jun 2017

ArtiCAD launches the ArtiCAD Academy – ‘A Centre of Excellence & Training’

ArtiCAD has officially launched its ArtiCAD Academy, designed to “help people succeed in their chosen careers and to improve the status and reputation of the KBB industry in the eyes of consumers.”

Theresa Turner made the announcement yesterday, stating “We believe fundamentally in the importance of education and the promotion of best practice to not only help people succeed in their chosen careers, but also to improve the status and reputation of the KBB industry in the eyes of consumers. We already work with Bucks New University to support their kitchen foundation degree course.”

Under the umbrella of the ArtiCAD Academy, education and training initiatives will be sponsored and facilitated by both ArtiCAD and an “ever-increasing number of Academy partners.”



Current partners in the initiative include…

– Rene Mascari, leading KBB skills training provider and industry strategic consultant, who will deliver one and two day training courses on design.

– Graham Hayden for sales and customer service training

– ArtiCAD, who will provide three levels of training on its software in-house, as well as on customer premises and online.

Theresa added, “We have a long history in supporting industry training initiatives. We believe that by launching the ArtiCAD Academy we can provide additional focus for this vital area of development, which is critical to the future success of the KBB industry.”

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