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Arnold Laver adds revolutionary new concrete material ‘LightBeton’ to its portfolio

Arnold Laver has announced the UK premier of its brand new and revolutionary concrete product ‘LightBeton’.

Soon to be sold exclusively by Arnold Laver, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of timber and construction materials, ‘LightBeton’ features a 2mm layer of concrete bonded onto MDF with a variety of other materials, such as polypropylene honeycomb.

This unique material combination gives the product its iconic lightweight property, making it ideal for ceilings, walls, table tops, furniture, counters, columns, pillars, temporary floorings, and much much more.

LightBeton, produced by renown German surface manufacturer Richter akustik & design, weighs just 3.9kg per square metre and is available with a fire rated composite option. The product can be cut using standard woodwork tools and is also suited for edge-banding machinery and bevelled edge features.

Commenting on the company’s new product addition, category manager Mark Ashmore stated “We are constantly searching for the most innovative and pioneering products, LightBeton really hits the mark, with many leading architects and interior designers already specifying it in some of the world’s most stylish shops, restaurants, hotels, trade shows, and homes.”

Arnold Laver | laver.co.uk