kb-network    Launch 09 Jun 2017

Armitage Shanks launches its new range of highly-durable ‘Utility Taps’ for tough areas!

Armitage Shanks, an iconic leading British brand in commercial bathrooms, sanitaryware and washroom installations, has launched a new and updated collection of utility taps.

Designed to provide an array of different options when it comes to utility taps, the new range is ideal for demanding applications and workspaces.

The Utility range features updated Bib taps, Pillar taps, Self-closing taps, as well as an innovative self-centralising function for a quick and accurate installation.

With a name reminiscent of a famous broomstick, the Nimbus 21 Bib taps boast 180-degree ceramic discs, spray outlets, anti-vandal features, and a host of other options to make for a hard-wearing and stylish design.

Stating that each tap is designed with specific installations in mind, Armitage Shanks has made the following product pairings to help its customers along the way…


Bib taps: Markwik 21 for healthcare; with Nimbus 21 and Alterna 21 for janitorial and cleaner’s sinks

Pillar taps: Alterna 21 for social housing, residential homes, schools and commercial kitchens

Self-closing taps: Sandringham 21 for schools, general washrooms and public hand washing areas


Commenting on the new launch, Jeff Williams of Armitage Shanks stated “Hard-working areas need hard-working taps – and they don’t come tougher than the new and improved Armitage Shanks Utility collection.

“Commercial durability is a given but our products are also designed with the performance and legislative demands of the broader market in mind – this versatility allows for a mix and match approach to create unique bathrooms and washrooms in any market sector.”

Armitage Shanks | armitage-shanks.co.uk