kb-network    Launch 03 May 2017

Aran Cucine launches ‘Cover’ – the new and innovative way to update your cupboards!

Luxury kitchen specialist, Aran Cucine, has introduced its latest innovative kitchen collection, ‘Cover’ – the kitchen that changes with the seasons.

Designed to create an endless array of sublime and beautiful kitchen schemes, the patented ‘Cover’ series features magnetic foiled doors to enable multiple fascia applications.

All manner of designs can be printed onto these resilient and washable magnetic foils; whether you desire a chic and contemporary geometric pattern, or a traditional Scottish tartan, the possibilities are endless!

Ideal for the indecisive consumer, these magnetic foils are a fantastic choice for homeowners wishing to evoke a plethora of moods within their kitchen space; simply peel off the previous design and adopt a brand new scheme in seconds to match your occasion or favoured season.

Created just in time for the summer season, the ‘Cover’ collection is available immediately and comes complete with infinite design possibilities.

Aran Cucine | arancucine.it/en