kb-network    Launch 20 Apr 2017

Appliance manufacturer, Hoover, launches new ‘Born Innovative’ branding campaign to mark company vision

Domestic appliance specialist, Hoover, has unveiled its new ‘Born Innovative’ marketing campaign.

Recognising Hoover’s 100-year strong heritage, the new vision for the company has been created in the aim of accelerating its current position within the interior market.

Initially formed as a direct result of Mr James Murray Spangler’s portable electric vacuum cleaner invention, the company’s roots are grounded within Mr & Mrs Hoover’s bold approach to invest in Spangler’s innovation.

Seeking to mirror the company’s innovative legacy through the new branding campaign, marketing director Steve Macdonald remarked “Innovation is the very essence of Hoover – it’s in its DNA. ‘Born Innovative’ is the natural positioning to drive the brand forward and is a stance we are very proud of.”

“As we move into 2017 and beyond, we aim to become the supplier of choice of all our trade partners, committed to understanding our customers’ requirements, providing operational excellence and of course, unique product innovation.”

Hoover | hoover.co.uk