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Appliance giant, Bosch, launches its new ‘perfectly dry’ national marketing campaign

International appliance specialist, Bosch, has launched a brand new advertising campaign for its PerfectDry dishwasher range.

Designed to highlight the product’s highly innovative and unique features, the Perfect Dry dishwasher uses ‘Zeolith’ technology – a process which uses naturally occurring minerals that heat up when they come into contact with water.

With each cycle, the dishwasher absorbs humidity from the washed dishes. The Zeolith beads then transform this humidity into warm air, which is consequently evenly distributed over the load with what it calls 3D Air Flow – a powerful but gentle movement that speeds up the drying process.

The brand’s extensive TV and digital campaign will run until 23 July, bringing the PerfectDry system to life through its short 20 second advertisements which depict a children’s birthday party taking place and all the party’s plastic dishes coming out ‘perfectly dry’.

When commenting on the new ad campaign, group marketing manager for Bosch Home Appliances, Charlotte Moran stated “The PerfectDry dishwasher achieves the seemingly impossible – washes all dishes, pots, pans, glassware and even plastics, but leaves them perfectly dry.

At Bosch, we create products that make our consumers’ lives easier, giving them more time to do the things they enjoy.”

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