kb-network    Launch 26 Apr 2017

Appliance brand, Indesit, launches new 2017 #DoItTogether marketing campaign to discuss housework

Leading appliance manufacturer, Indesit, has launched a new marketing campaign for 2017.

The #DoItTogether campaign will be introduced in the UK, Italy, Russia, and France, and aims to trigger a public debate on ways to share the burden of housework.

The company have stated that “While the message is important, the tone will be light-hearted and make creative use of an online campaign, interactive social media experiments, and even an online series.”

Brand communications director, Ian Moverley, added “Our positive call to action, ‘DoItTogether’, invites all family members to take a share in the housework.”

The campaign will combine online and offline marketing initiatives, including significant use of social media platforms; Moverley explained “This powerful campaign will be driven by content and social experiences that will seek to engage consumers with these issues while showing Indesit’s products at the heart of modern families’ daily lives.”

In celebration of the campaign’s launch day, Indesit has today released a thought-provoking video titled ‘DoItTogether’, focusing on men carrying the burden of housework – a controversial topic sure to encourage fierce debate!

Indesit | indesit.co.uk