kb-network    Launch 27 Jun 2017

Air Uno launches two new countertop extraction hoods that offer “even more flexibility”

Kitchen extractor specialist, Air Uno, has launched two new innovative countertop extraction hoods, featuring fully integrated specialist induction hobs! 

Named the ‘Chopin Evo’ and ‘Bach Evo’, both products exhibit the genius of their namesake with a wide variety of exciting functions on offer. 

The Bach-Evo Countertop Extractor features a Domino Induction hob, while the Chopin-Evo features a combined panoramic induction and flexi hob, to offer even more cooking flexibility. 

Commenting on the launch, Air Uno stated that by “integrating the hob and extractor into one fluid and subtle worktop design, both models draw vapours and odours downwards as soon as they arise from the hob surface at the same level. With high product efficiency, Italian design and sleek integration, these new designs have revolutionised the use of the hood in kitchen planning and architecture.” 

Featuring a quiet function, touch controls, and black glass finish, the Chopin-Evo and Bach-Evo are ideal extraction solutions for homeowners seeking a contemporary and discreet finish.

Air Uno | airuno.co.uk