Designer    Launch 05 May 2017

AEG launches the Mastery range, to help master the art of culinary science

As current culinary trends are leaning toward more experimental cooking, AEG have created the Mastery Range. This mastery range, as its name suggests, aims to provide professional quality cooking appliances to suit the contemporary market of celebrity chef-inspired home cooks.

The range includes a ComfortLift dishwasher – designed with the ability to gently elevate the machine’s lower rack to a more convenient working height; for easy loading and unloading. AEG’s SenseCook Pyro Oven, the second innovative addition to the Mastery range, is created to run as a robotic sous chef, allowing you to cook restaurant quality dishes at home. The model boasts a Food Sensor, to measure the core temperature of the meal and update the user on what level the food is cooked – making cooking the perfect steak suddenly simple.

The CustomFlex fridge freezer allows homeowners to adjust the door storage to suit, while the intelligent ComboHob provides a space-saving solution for extraction by integrating an extractor and induction hob in one model. The finishes touch to the mastery range is AEG’s Hob2Hood extractor hood which automatically adjusts its programme and levels to suit the user’s cooking activity on the hob.

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing at Electrolux, comments: “The key to serving up great tasting food is down to mastering each step of the cooking process, from preserving ingredients to cooking the final dish.  The new AEG Mastery Range is designed to help every step of the way – even with the washing up.”