Utopia    Launch 21 Jul 2017

Add an elegant edge to your eclectic scheme with this new tile collection from Domus


The New Terracotta tile collection from Domus presents a fresh, soft and summery palette. Characterful and cool, the collection focus on a relaxed definition of beauty, and cleverly balances elegance and eclecticism to suit those desiring an on-trend but still timeless scheme.

that will lighten any kitchen or bathroom and even work in the context of a feature wall – a trend that, for some, is sacrilege; but with these elegant and eclectic designs, who’s to say

The handmade selection is crafted using traditional production techniques in central Portugal. Each tile is crafted individually, ensuring complete uniqueness and resulting in a tactile, rustic quality, subtle shade variations and irregular edges that encapsulates the Japanese philosophy of ‘wabi sabi’ – finding the beauty in imperfections.

New Terracotta is comprised of 11 shapes, nine finishes and a massive 46 colours in total, to ensure that there is something to suit your style and scheme. One of our personal favourites – Ballet Pink Glazed – uses a soft pink palette with an elegant diamond shape tile that initially appears to follow a strict geometric style, but combined with darker, industrial materials, such as concrete or natural stones, these tiny rhombus structures transform into an edgy and eclectic colour statement.

The unique aspect of these tiles lies within their versatility – not only will they work to cover full walls, or create striking splashbacks, but could also work to create a feature ‘zone’. Feature walls were a huge hit not so long ago, but taking a modern twist on this scheme: why not try creating a feature ‘zone’, using these colourful creations to highlight a certain area or element of your kitchen or bathroom, such as an inset shelf or alcove within your shower area.

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