kb-network    Launch 18 Dec 2017

2020 launches revolutionary new rendering technology, helping designers create rooms in less time

The new rendering capability of 2020 Fusion Version 6 delivers great quality images in just a few seconds so that design changes in a live sales environment can be shown to customers in an unrivalled level of life-like fidelity. Even higher quality images, prints and 360-degree panoramas take only a few minutes.

Jim Smalley, 2020 Fusion Product Manager, said, “When it comes to the development of 2020 Fusion, our primary focus is always on the designers’ needs. Our aim is to ensure that the functionality and operation of the software is as fast and intuitive as it can be and to provide a series of design aids that save our users time – allowing them to channel all their efforts into the creative process and to close more sales.”

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