Utopia    Ideas 11 Apr 2017

The wonder of wall-hung – The.Artceram present its top ten wall-hung sanitaryware collections

Soft lines and curves
The A16 collection, designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati includes models which are available in either wall-hung or back-to-wall versions. The shapes are characterised by soft lines and gentle curves, perfect for adding to a feminine bathroom scheme.

Spring colours 
The File 2.0 collection (as featured) is presented in bright and fresh colors, to transform the essential amenities into artistic focal points. The collection has a Rimless system that eliminates the need of an internal edge of the toilet. The series is available in nine colors: orange cameo, coral red, sapphire blue, yellow zinc, glossy white, matt, olive gray, glossy black, matt black.

Clever contrasts

With innovative hot and cold water functions, the Blend collection is suited to the high-tech homeowner. The shape boasts dramatic curves and sharp cutting lines, making a contemporary contrasting look.

Monochrome magic
The Cow collection has a playful shape with soft lines that aim to resemble the shape of its namesake animal. The collection is available in white and red, or black and white.

Numbers game

Ten – a collection with a clean design and the rounded lines. The cylindrically shaped sanitaryware widens slightly at the base, to create a modern, curvaceous aesthetic.

Singing the blues
Blues combines classic and contemporary styles. The collection’s clean lines, wide borders and sharp, Art Deco inspired silhouettes will perfectly suit a glamorous, traditional space.

 Simple elegance
The File collection is characterized by its simple soft line, smooth shapes and elegant understated aesthetic.

Square style 
Every design in the Block collection features a sharp cubic shape. They also boasts compact proportions, perfect for smaller spaces which still require an ultra-contemporary look.


The Pop collection aims to be a ‘design for all’. Its wider proportions allow for increased comfort, while its minimalist shape should fit into most bathroom schemes.

Retro vibes

The stepped design of the Hermitage collections wall-hung sanitaryware adds visual interest to the simple white product, while also exuding a stylish retro vibe. This would work in an edgy, retro styled space, or to cleverly contrast against a contemporary scheme.

Sleek symmetry
The La Fontana collection focuses on a stylish symmetric shape. Practically, the wall-hung toilets have a shorter projection, to minimize the special requirements and make them suitable for compact spaces.

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