Utopia    Ideas 05 Apr 2017

What’s hot and what’s not? Papilio discusses the true dream designs of 2017

Trends will always be a hotly discussed topic, but when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, do we really want the latest craze or are there some dream designs that we will never let go of? Papilio have collaborated with the leading industry experts, including Miele, to find out what is it is that makes the dream home.

The hottest trends right now include: muted tones – bathrooms are mastering the moody atmosphere with deep blues, darkened walls, a touch of purple, and of course the on-trend grey shades. Greenery, the Pantone colour of the year, is making a big impact in this year’s design decisions, injecting a fresh bright bounce into kitchens the world over. While characterful veneers are certainly making a stand – coinciding with the natural trend – they add texture, character and charm to your space.

But there are also the non-movers; trends that always have, and likely always will, hold a place in our hearts. Papilio reports these to include: smart technology, Aga-style range cookers and real wood flooring.

So it’s confirmed – there’s no need to pressure yourself into making dramatic design changes to fit just into the trends of right now; as we’re all creatures of habit. Your kitchen can combine the latest looks and your beloved dream designs.

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