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Turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise with these simple style tips

Trendy tropical looks don’t have to be constrained to your holiday home – consider injecting a tasteful amount of ‘jungle fever’ into your bathroom to give you that vibrant holiday feeling all year round.

Woods and windows

There’s many ways to achieve the tropical trend, most of which revolve around the two w’s: woods and windows. Alternative Bathrooms’ Lume vanity in Bronzo, paired with the brand’s Goji basin [featured] is a perfect pick when creating an eye-catching tropical oasis. Though the vanity and storage unit both boast sleek, contemporary structures, the timber bodies feature a warm tone and a rustic, textural finish – alluding to the eroded and water-worn bark that is often washed up by the sea. Though warm, dark tones can work well, sand and honey colours with a similar sawn finish can also fit seamlessly into this style.

As in all beautiful bathroom schemes, windows (or even a glass wall) are an essential element. Natural light will enliven a tropical scheme, and the feeling of warm sunlight streaming onto your skin will instantly transport you to a tropical paradise.

Walls and floors

Floors can work well in either a wood or wood-effect panelling, preferably in a dramatically different tone to the bathroom furniture. Or opt for a sensuous pebble-effect flooring – visually reminiscent of the beach, a pebble floor will add another textural dimension to the scheme and simultaneously provide your feet with a sensual massage every time you enter the room.

The walls are a different story; this is your place to be creative! Go big, bold and vibrant, with a striking pattern, like the large rainforest-style leaves shown above. Green is great, as it will complement the raw woods and paler flooring, while patterns that depict jungle plants follow the trend to a ‘t’. Or, to inject a splash of colour, opt instead for an in-your-face floral design; or even consider cleaner, neutral painted walls that can be set off by pot plants, natural foliage or jungle-, water- or beach-themed artworks.

Showers and baths

To truly immerse yourself in the ‘holiday feeling’ it can’t just be about the looks. A deep (preferably pure white) freestanding bath and/or rainfall shower will provide you with the full, luxurious experience.


Finish off your stylish tropical bathroom with a few careful accessories. Baskets made from natural materials, such as wicker or wood, can look great, and can be useful to store your collection of plush white towels. While, one or two natural plants (especially palm leaves) can help enhance the natural element of the scheme; and, finally, don’t forget the all-important mirror – to reflect the natural light from the windows or glass wall.

Jane Gilchriest, Director of Alternative Bathrooms, added: “Going tropical is all about colour and pattern – and the brighter the better! Think bright foliage greens and ‘hot’ flower shades, from oranges and pinks to bright reds. There are lots of great wallpapers around featuring tropical flora and fauna and don’t be afraid to go large scale, it’s all part of the look.

Finishing touch?  A waterfall bath tap for that jungle atmosphere!

I do always advise though, that you keep expensive fittings, especially sanitaryware, in neutral tones. Then create the design theme around them with paints and wallpapers which can easily be changed if you ever want to refresh the look in the future.”

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