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The top 7 interior design trends you have to have for 2017: Metallics, Monochrome and more…

2017 interior design predications are the talk of the town. Yes it is only the beginning of the year, and yes we’re still trying to get glitter out of the carpet from Christmas; but everyone is trying to get ahead of the design game, including industry experts. Claire Fox, director of bespoke furniture manufacturer Style Matters, gives us her top 7 trends to watch out for this year!


Although retro has tried to sneak its way into our interiors for several years, it seems to have finally made a home for itself within more contemporary spaces. Start by blending 1960s and 1970s inspired furniture within a sleek contemporary colour palette, then enjoy growing and building your fresh new retro-fusion interior.

Claire’s Tip:

“One way to achieve this look is by styling marble accessories with focal pieces of slate grey wooden furniture”


Neutral Tones

Whilst you may think a neutral tone means donning the walls in trusty magnolia, you couldn’t be more wrong. The key to an accomplished neutral scheme lies in appropriate textures and soft furnishings. Organic materials, in particular, are a fantastic way to add depth and warmth to a neutral colour palette. Wood, clay, marble, and copper are all ideal earthy natural materials to pair with your neutral and tranquil home.

Claire’s Tip:

“Tweed, leather, and velvet sofas and chairs will be prominent in earthy tones”



Metallics seem to be just about everywhere this season. From Milan to New York, all the major catwalks are adopting this showstopping look and now it seems so is interior design. Though copper may seem a bit 2016, this year’s metallic is brass. A particular favourite for conversion properties, brass can add a sense of age to your property and take it right back to its original roots.

Claire’s Tip:

“Incorporate the look into the finer, more subtle, touches such as chair/table legs, studs, stitching, and fixtures”



As always, Rustic looks set to remain a strong style trend for 2017. Traditional pubs and cosy boutique hotels can benefit well from a beautifully executed rustic interior. Bringing a sense of chic homeliness, whilst boasting huge scope in terms of individuality, the use of Deep Browns, reds, and burnt oranges is sure to transform your property.

Claire’s Tip:

“This trend is perfect for those looking to create a warm, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere within their interiors”



If rustic or retro isn’t really your style then opt for a monochrome scheme, oozing elegance and class. Usually seen in modern hotels and bars, this scheme is often underrated in domestic interiors. Steer away from traditional monochrome tiles and venture into a world of black and white furniture to finish off your rooms with classic style.

Claire’s Tip:

“The juxtaposition of white on black provides the perfect contrast and results in a smart yet showstopping finish”


Vintage Florals

Vintage florals can often be associated with more dated interior design schemes. However, florals don’t have to mean twee cottage curtains. Distressed or faded florals are a great way to add variation, colour, and warmth to soft furnishings without making a room feel overly feminine. Forget about pastel floral wallpapers and explore these botanical fabrics in your furniture.

Claire’s Tip:

“Floral furniture is a great way to make a statement in just about any environment”


Splashes of Colour

We’re fast approaching Spring and what better way to celebrate the turn of the season than with a pop of colour in your home? This design scheme it is all about teaming neutral colours with bright and exciting interior accessories. Black and white bases make the perfect blank canvas to build on – just remember less is definitely more with this design!

Claire’s Tip:

“Whether it be small pops of colour with accessories, or statement pieces of bright furniture, on a black and white base this cool and charismatic look is ideal for just about any environment”


Style Matters / stylematters.co.uk