Utopia    Ideas 27 Jul 2017

These three material elements can make a sweet and simple zen-inspired scheme for your bathroom

Spa sensuality, oriental inspiration and a radiation of zen is something most bathroom schemes will strive toward, but though creating holistic harmony may seem like an impossible challenge, there are some simple elements that when combined will take your suite one step closer to an enlightened elegance.

Wonderful wood

One integral element is natural materials – or at least those which appear akin to natural materials. Wood is a great base for any aspiring home spa; its natural graining will add a really interesting texture to a contemporary bathroom and encourage users to reach out and touch it, while the huge variety of colours and species range from warm ambers to cool greys – ensuring you can warm up or cool down your scheme however you desire.

Subtle stones

Stone and stone resins are also a perfect pick for a zen feel, and this material is best applied by selecting stone-look suites. But if selecting a freestanding stone resin bath doesn’t suit then begin with the basin. Waters Baths of Ashbourne have stunning selection of stone countertop basins, each crafted from the company’s DQ Cast material – crafted from crushed quartz and limestone – that provides a durable body and a striking matt white finish. The countertop bowl shape is an excellent choice, as it gives a lighter, weightless look as oppose to an inset basin. Waters Baths of Ashbourne’s Mist, Ellipse and Dusk (as featured) basins each feature elegant curvaceous designs that perfectly match their partnering freestanding stone resin baths of the same names.

Go green

To add a delicate final touch, consider a small sprig of greenery. Quite literally bringing the outside in, natural plants in the bathroom can not only produce oxygen – and if potted correctly and nourished rather than placed in a vase, can flourish in growth – but an injection of lush green colour will also enliven the surroundings and craft a peaceful tone.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne | watersbaths.co.uk