Utopia    Ideas 02 Mar 2017

The top three high-tech Miele ovens that every homeowner must know about…

From traditional or steam, to steam combination, the world of ovens can be a confusing place. But here at Utopia, we have decided to narrow down Miele’s fantastic collection to just their top three kitchen ovens.


1) Miele Generation 6000 H6160 BP ContourLine Oven, £1,599

A+ rated for energy, this 76-litre oven features an incredible range of cooking functions. From fan plus, conventional heat, grill, fan grill, rapid heat-up, intensive bake, bottom heat, and gentle bake, this oven boasts a plethora of options suitable to any culinary experiment. Additionally, the Miele Generation also includes their unique Moisture Plus technology. Designed to improve results when proving dough and cooking meat, Moisture Plus gives loaves of bread an appetising crust and ensures cuts of meat are succulent on the inside whilst crisp on the outside.




2) Miele Generation 6000 DG 6400 PureLine Steam Oven, £1,849

Steam is the optimum cooking method for the health conscious chef. Enabling vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be retained, this steam oven also preserves your food’s taste and texture. Broccoli, for example, retains 50% more vitamin C in comparison to when it is boiled in a pan. Boasting numerous other features, the PureLine steam oven can also be used to gently defrost frozen food, prove dough, extract juice, melt chocolate and reheat food.


3) Miele Generation 6000 ArtLine Appliances featuring the DGC 6860X Steam Combination Oven, £5,349

Part of the new handleless Miele ArtLine range, this oven features M touch controls allowing for seamless navigation and programming with just the swipe of a finger. Featuring six steam inlet ports, this oven provides uniform steam generation and distribution, ensuring precise and even cooking. Additional functions include a wireless food probe, keep warm function, steam only cooking, fan, grill, and Touch2Open door technology.



Miele / miele.co.uk