kb-network    Ideas 02 Mar 2017

The must-dos when it comes to stylish and practical commercial flooring in Public Houses…

Managing director of Moduleo UK & Eire, David Bigland, discusses the new era of chic commercial flooring.

With public house franchise chains increasingly springing up in British towns, it has never been more important for pubs to stand-out from the crowd. Though it may not be easy to under-cut these chains in regards to pricing, privately owned establishments can certainly make their premises a better overall customer investment and experience. Interior design, in particular, is a crucial step towards setting your property apart from the commercial crowd.

When it comes to ‘British Pub’ decor, one usually conjures images of badly stained dark wood tables, sticky floors, and hideous patterned carpets that, co-incidentally, hide those tricky red wine stains quite nicely; but this doesn’t have to be the way.

As David Bigland remarks: “Thanks to the evolution of new technology in the luxury vinyl flooring industry, we’re now able to meet the demand for bespoke requests. Changing something as simple as the shape or colour of a single tile, is a much simpler process.”

So say goodbye to sticky carpets that bare an uncanny resemblance to your Aunt Helen’s special ‘Christmas’ dress. The secret to stylish hospitality lies in the flooring!

At Moduleo UK & Eire, they are seeing a growing number of commercial clients moving towards Luxury Vinyl Tiling ranges (LVT). Low maintenance, high-quality and complete with a guaranteed life-span of up to 20 years, these wood and stone effect tiles are a worthy commercial investment to revamp your public house.


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