Utopia    Ideas 08 Jun 2017

Test kitchens are the latest trend in the restaurant industry, but would you try it?

The F9 Test Kitchen in the Indian capital of Hyderabad, Telangana, is not only located in a truly beautiful and unique location, nestled amongst the Jubilee Hills, but provides an equally unique dining experience. The company describes itself as “a unique neoteric lifestyle experience. A coming of age story conceived by the same culinary artists who gave the twin cities Fusion 9, back in 2002.”

Spread over two levels, the Test Kitchen area on the ground floor is equipped with comfortable cooking stations and is dedicated to providing global culinary lessons. Guests will learn new skills, new dishes and culinary expertise from genuine experts, and then be able to indulge in the meal they have prepared themselves. This DIY vibe may seem oddly opposite to usual restaurant standards, but for foodie aficionados, experimental cooks and of course, the millennials, this latest trend is taking the fine dining sector by storm.

The dining area on the second floor of F9 accommodates 50 guests and is a place where diners will be able to sample a full range of the chefs international repertoire. In the interest of people watching, the dining area also gives a beautiful viewing area to allow guests a full view of the test Kitchen while it is in action. Oozing warmth and eclecticism, this stunning dining area is flanked by the rocks of Jubilee Hills.

F9 Test Kitchen | f9testkitchen.com/test-kitchen