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Struggling with a small kitchen? Here’s how to combat compact living, with a little help from AEG…

Though few of us will likely opt to live in a modern micro home, with every personal artefact squashed into a 40 sq m space, contemporary properties can often provoke a spatial issue – especially the more petite places of built-up city areas. One area small city dwellers often struggle with is the kitchen, and working out how to provide yourself with preparation space, dining facilities and all the essential cooking and cooling appliances in one petite room.

However, AEG has come to the rescue with a selection of sweet, petite appliances and top design tips that will transform your small space into a petite paradise…

Calming the racket
Noisy appliances are the last thing you need when living in a confined space, so look out for products which have been awarded a Quiet Mark.

AEG’s 8000 tumble dryer boasts all the functionality of a larger, noisier model, but with ultra-quiet operation, technology that avoids shrinkage and a smart sensor that detects and controls the level of moisture in the drum.

Good things in small packages

Commonly misconceived, small appliances can easily deliver the same superb functionality and tip-top results of their larger counterparts. AEG’s ProCombi Steam Oven features a 43-litre capacity and smart steam cooking operation while being small enough to be installed below the worktop.

Everything in its place

When space is in short supply, it’s a good idea to consider integrating as many of your primary kitchen appliances as possible. The ComboHob from AEG sits seamlessly within the worktop and features an impressive integrated extractor fan, that will absorb all unwanted vapours without requiring a hefty extractor hood. The clever Hood2Hood system also allows the hob and extractor to sync, which automatically regulates the extraction setting based on what you’re cooking.

Building appliances into your cabinetry is another key integration. The AEG ComfortLife dishwasher is available in a built-in version to fit into your cabinetry. Giving your kitchen an overall sleek, cohesive aesthetic.


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