Utopia    Ideas 16 Aug 2017

Step over to the dark side with John Lewis of Hungerford’s latest luxury collections

Recently we’ve taken a rebellious twist when it comes to kitchen trends, straying away from the simple Scandinavian-inspired whites and woods toward a deeper, moody palette that brings an edgy, rock n’ roll tone to any kitchen space.

These brave, bold colour combinations are daring, packed full of personality and definitely on trend; but, as with all new styles, there’s often some uncertainty about how to work them in your own home and more often than not it is assumed that contemporary trends can only work in a contemporary kitchen. Fortunately, John Lewis of Hungerford has defied contemporary conventions and shown us how to work warm, dark hues in a traditionally-styled space.

John Lewis of Hungerford’s Shaker lay-on collection (as featured) uses a collection of simple pieces, including traditional cup handles and a selection of in-frame cabinetry doors to craft a scheme which is suited to a modern homeowner but still boasts an overarching traditional country-kitchen vibe. The company has finished the cabinetry and island in a deep stormy blue, while careful details such as the near-black marbled worktop – which runs down in a waterfall effect on the near side of the kitchen sink – and dark grouting between the metro tiles, create textural depth in the design and help give the traditional kitchen an awe-worthy ‘dark side’.

“The new, moody modern palette promises to transform the atmosphere of your kitchen and has the versatility to suit all décor schemes, from classic country to creative and contemporary,” commented the company.

John Lewis of Hungerford | john-lewis.co.uk