Utopia    Ideas 15 Jun 2017

We speak exclusively to Swan about Fearne Cotton and the ‘how tos’ of celebrity collaboration

In the wake of having launched its Fearne collection this week, well-known appliance brand Swan spoke to us about the key to creative collaboration with a celebrity name; the pros, cons and intricacies of the development process and the magic it has bought to the marketing field.

How did the collaboration come about?

“Well we re-launched Swan around seven years ago,” began Paul Simpson, Sales Director of Swan. “The company has a really rich heritage, and if you asked anyone probably over the age of 50 they would likely know about Swan, but there was not enough connection between the brand and millennials – who are the next generation of young homeowners. So, we thought about collaboration and of course there was truly no contest. Originally, we proposed a few party appliances, such as a candy machine to Fearne’s people, but at the time she was very involved with fashion and couldn’t have fully thrown herself into the project. However, around two or three years later we re-visited her with the notion of the Swan baking appliances selection and she was all for it.”


How much influence did Fearne have over the look of the finishing products?

“Fearne was a real creative driving force behind the collection,” commented David Foulstone, Marketing Manager of Swan.

“We had an initial meeting where Fearne expressed a real passion for the collection – she was brainstorming ideas, suggesting colours, talking about shapes and designs and was an incredible creative driving force behind the range,” said Paul, “to be able to go to her and ask her opinion on every change, tweak and colour and shape was fantastic. Her background in fashion and art really helped influence the style of the range we created and we knew from that that everything was going to be on trend and appealing to the style savvy homeowners.


The colours very much align with the pastel coloured kitchens trend that is hugely popular currently, was that the thinking behind the selection?

“The colour selection was something which very much was driven by Fearne. We wanted to make the range reflect two elements: the eclecticism that Fearne portrays in her own style and the collectability of the Retro range. So we coined the phrase ‘eclectibility’,” said Foulstone. “perfectly represents the collection – homeowners don’t have to buy the whole collection in that particular colour to get an effective look. They can have this colour of this product, this colour of another, then something from the retro range, and all of it will just brighten up the kitchen.”

“Colour can be a difficult one to decide. The odd thing is two or three years ago we won an award for our green colour. We had it for about two or three years before that, but only just got the recognition. It’s about deciding if colours are ahead of their time, behind the time, and getting the exact right time to introduce it to homeowners. It’s not always the best thing to go too far ahead of the trends.”


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