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The Spartan revolution – Julia Kendall discusses the emerging ‘Spartan’ trend – a new age minimalism

In keeping with her speech at this year’s National Tile Week, which discussed the recent natural textures and industrial trends, the designer and TV personality, Julia Kendall spoke to us about the progression of minimalism, from the nineties to today.

The ‘original’ version of minimalism was defined by sharp edges, pure white spaces and a feeling of complete lack or devoid or ‘lived in’ elements; however, these are now a thing of the past. Though these elements definitely made their mark on the kitchen and bathroom sector, and minimalism is undeniably still relevant and present within a vast amount of current designs, its characteristics have evolved to suit the times. A new form of minimalism, that which Julia Kendall refers to as the ‘Spartan’ trend, is evolving from these ashes and becoming increasingly prominent, and popular, in design.

Julia describes the Spartan version of minimalism as “A coming together of this pared back, industrial feel with a sense of wellbeing and the Hygge comfort. A lovely amalgamation of that something that offers a sense of wellbeing, uncluttered living, that unclutters the mind, there’s an element of cosiness to it. It’s not the minimalism of the nineties that was about how sharp and slick everything look, it’s about everyday life. People want to be comfortable in their home, with an atmosphere that doesn’t scare you away from slinging off your muddy boots at the end of the day, but still presents a very clean, crisp and beautiful look.”

When discussing why this trend may have recently emerged, Julia commented that: “The flat-pack furniture phase has had its time; people want something that has a bit more soul about it. Pieces such as a reclaimed wood worktop, which have a history of their own, or durable, long-lasting elements that will stay with you and create a history with you – white high gloss schemes aren’t as relevant anymore – we want character and impact.”

To create this latest luxurious yet laid back look, consider rustic, earthy elements, such as raw wood cabinetry, paired with crisp clean colours and simple, minimal accessories. It’s all about crafting the balance between reflecting a “patina of life” and the natural, rustic elements that add comfort, along with minimal, clean design that encourages a sense of mindfulness and calm.


Julia Kendell | juliakendell.com 

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