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From the perfect party to homely cooking – how do we keep balance in the kitchen?

We all know that the best parties happen in the kitchen; even more so with developments in design, as now most kitchens are the largest room in the home and likely include an integrated wine cabinet, central island, decadent accessories and practically beg for someone to pop open a bottle of champagne. But, how do we balance these lavish schemes, that are perfectly suited for party hosting, with that provide practical solutions for the rooms primary use: cooking.

We spoke to kitchen expert Detlef Hotfiel from Nolte Küchen for some expert advice…

“The kitchen is a place to entertain guests, to socialise and communicate. Bearing all this in mind it is only natural that home owners should seek to show off this room to its best advantage for their own and their guests’ comfort and pleasure.

But a kitchen being cosy, inviting and prestigious does not necessarily mean it isn’t functional or suited for cooking. On the contrary. The challenge is to combine both into a well-balanced result. At Nolte Küchen we strive to design every kitchen as a multi-functional living space that comes equipped with loads of storage and ideal ergonomics for cooking, but that is also comfortable, inviting and expresses personal taste to make a statement. Our large, flexible product range offers utmost design freedom to get creative. Because of the way our furniture is conceived and our 150mm grid dimensions we are able to give all our kitchens that straightforward, neat and uncluttered appearance that you normally find with living room furniture.

If you want a perfect balance between hosting and cooking, here are my top tips:

– Use islands or peninsulas two merge the two areas of cooking and living/entertaining. Not only do they provide perfect ergonomics in the working triangle, but also make it easier to communicate while cooking.

– Introduce shelves and racks into your kitchen to break up the look of doors doors doors and create a space for decoration. This is especially important with wall units. Break up this area and emphasize horizontal lines.

– This can be further enhanced with lighting. LED systems like Emotion Light provide task and mood lighting all in one. They can be dimmed and adjusted in colour temperature, allowing you to change swiftly between warm and cool white via remote control. Also think about introducing a hanging lamp for the touch of living room atmosphere.

– Use elements that enhance and facilitate the multi-functional approach to your kitchen. Take Nolte Küchen’s new worktop with ceramic surface and invisibly integrated induction hob, for example. It looks neat and tidy and can be used as a table whilst being very efficient for cooking – and it is easy to clean as well. Pocket Doors are an efficient way to hide appliances when these are not in use. This way, your kitchen looks uncluttered but offers full functionality.”


Back to the kitchen…


So, our kitchens can be both an entertainment area and a practical, functioning space, but some homeowners are still leaning away from the primary purpose of the kitchen: cooking. The experts at Everhot has some inspirational ideas and advice about its top-of-the-range cookers that will make you want to don the oven gloves, fetch the balloon whisk and start experimenting:

“Cooking on an Everhot doesn’t require any lessons – it is instinctive. For example, to make a sauce simmer rather than boil, you just slide your pan towards the edge of the hotplate where it is cooler. If you want to catch up with friends and pour some drinks without worrying about burning something, you can leave a pan on the edge of the hotplate and move a dish down to the low oven, knowing that both will be fine.

An Everhot may be the choice of keen cooks but because they are so engaging they are also brilliant at encouraging a total novice to learn how to cook and feel more confident. They are more forgiving than other ways of cooking and because, as the name implies, an Everhot is designed to be on the whole time, there is no need to wait for ovens to come up to temperature and lessen people’s reliance on their microwave.

An Everhot naturally attracts people into a kitchen – whether you want them in there or not. So, if you are nervous about being distracted by their envious glances and questions about how good they are to cook on, make things in advance and keep them hot in the low oven while you effortlessly play host!”


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