Utopia    Ideas 10 Apr 2018

See these five simple ways to achieve pastel perfection in your kitchen!


Creating a palette for your kitchen can be tricky. With so many colours that clash and just as many that simply fail to leave an impression, you might waste hours online searching for a scheme to suit your home. Look no further. Pastel palettes are so complementary with so many colour schemes, yet manage to stand out in their own right.

Here are five of our favourite schemes and few key tips on how to create your own perfect pastel kitchen scheme…









1.Pick brands that respect pastels

The last thing you want after planning out your kitchen’s colour scheme is to have to ruin it with a stainless-steel fridge or sombre black oven. Fortunately, brands such as Smeg, Swan, and Aga all cater to pastel palettes with some beautifully designed appliances. In fact, you can create a pastel scheme with appliances alone, as seen in this striking scheme Swan, that truly embraces its pastel blue statement pieces. No paint needed! Trying out the scheme with appliances also allows you to incorporate other pastel colours at a later date.

Swan | swan-brand.co.uk 

2. Similar shades