Utopia    Ideas 15 Nov 2017

Naked Kitchens reveals all – bespoke kitchen company gives us its top trend expectations for 2018

Open plan

‘The theme of ever larger kitchens integrating with living spaces continues strongly.  More than three quarters have incorporated seating, and just under half have additional soft seating in the room,” said Jayne Everett, Creative Director of Naked Kitchens.

Open-plan kitchens completely transform the design possibilities of the room; no-longer is it just a kitchen but a multi-functional living space that has to be clever. Different colours, shapes and materials can work really well to define the different zones, so, although the kitchen should still follow an all-round cohesive aesthetic, consider giving each section a slightly different theme, colour or texture to make it stand out from the rest.


Colour can be more adventurous now, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a larger kitchen space. Stronger shades and intense tonalities continue to hold their own, with deep blues, petrol greens and even orange on the horizon. Combine these bolder colours with brighter whites and tactile timber accents to create a sophisticated statement.

Blue is still hugely popular too, but softer shades are returning. Pink is finding its way into the kitchen, even in softer blended shades such as Dulux’s Heart Wood. Adding brass accents to pretty pink-inspired shades will launch it straight into 2018.


Natural woods, such as oak, will always be top of the kitchen list but consider contrasting this with different textures, such as leather details and coloured marbles. Mixing and matching materials and textures are definitely the way forward.

Homely tones

Kitchens are becoming less hard-edged and minimal and more homely. Handcrafted cabinetry and open shelving, which lets you display personal trinkets and crockery collections can help create this sweet, welcoming aesthetic.


Slender metal legs for cabinetry units or worktops hep give the appearance that they are floating, creating a light, open and spacious room. While choosing a rustic metal finish for the legs, which contrasts against the colours of the worktop and cabinetry can craft a cool, industrial vibe.

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