Utopia    Ideas 05 Sep 2017

Let your basin stand supreme – here’s how a decadent basin could enliven your neutral bathroom

A clean, neutral palette is a great choice for bathrooms – especially those smaller in stature – as it will likely make a room appear larger, while its simple, serene scheme will never go out of fashion. However, a neutral palette isn’t always the most inspiring – as practical as it may be – so consider injecting a little colour, character and quirk through your choice or brassware, bath or basin.

This Clarabelle basin, from The London Basin Company, would make a gorgeous focal point for any contemporary bathroom. Boasting an intricate design, that combines ancient Chinese patterns, modern floral motifs and a wonderful menagerie of bold colours, the Clarabelle basin is richly decorated both inside and out. Interior Designer and founder of The London Basin Company, Anna Callis, draws inspiration from her travels to create each of her unique designs – this international style inspiration is neatly echoed here through her modern interpretations of traditional oriental and Middle Eastern patterns. Try combining a richly decorated basin like this with a simple wall-mounted mixer tap to blur the lines between the traditional and modern styles, while still allowing the basin to stand centre stage.

The London Basin Company | londonbasincompany.com