kb-eye    Ideas 31 Jul 2017

kb-eye celebrates the #FreshAirFromYorkshire by sharing a traditional cuppa with Westin

Extending the tradition of Yorkshire day – celebrated annually on the 1st August – Westin is marking the summer season this year with a whole month of Yorkshire-inspired celebrations.

Established in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, nearly 100 years ago, the cooker hood and extraction specialist has built a rich heritage, trustworthy reputation and renowned design business with a strong emphasis on its proud Northern roots.

To spread the simple joy of a nice cup of tea, Westin has sent a collection of mugs and quality Yorkshire tea bags to teams working across the KB industry – including here at Pro Publishing.

So, we’re joining Westin, sparking up the hot tap and enjoying the renowned delight of a cup of Yorkshire tea!

Thanks, Westin!

Westin | westin.co.uk