Utopia    Ideas 29 Jun 2017

John Lewis of Hungerford shows us how to rock deep blues and moody hues

Kitchen expert John Lewis of Hungerford has shaken up traditional Shaker style kitchens. Usually celebrated for its simple design, subtle details and traditional aesthetic, the Shaker style has been a time-honoured icon of the kitchen industry for years, but employing this simple, traditional style doesn’t mean being boring.

Blue is huge! Along with Millennial Pink, these two hues have almost overtaken this year’s lean toward green and are being seen in kitchens and bathrooms across the country. Admittedly, employing this deep, moody shade can seem a daunting task, but John Lewis of Hungerford have crafted this striking example to show us exactly how to work it right. The company’s Layon Shaker cabinetry is shown here finished in a Black Blue, that boasts a rich, dark grey-black undertone.

John Lewis of Hungerford have combined this striking shade with a bright, open space, to create a beautiful modern balance of light and shade. “Oak shelving and custom accents introduce an element of nature and earthiness that grounds the overall aesthetic whilst stainless steel finishes are introduced to cater to the modern lifestyle,” commented the company. The natural light influx is also a key element of making this kitchen design a success; sunlight flowing in from the right brings a brighter tone to the blue cabinetry and reflects off from the polished worktop to create a mirror-like effect. In addition to the reams of deep blue wall-hung cabinetry, John Lewis of Hungerford have created a bespoke under-stair cupboard, finished in a lighter Lysandra Blue. This colour comparison works to great effect in the overall scheme and ensures the space isn’t overly dominated with dark colours.

Remember the key combination…

  • deep blue cabinetry
  • light, bright walls and worktop
  • warm, eclectic wooden touches
  • plenty of natural light
  • a blend of blues (light and dark)
John Lewis of Hungerford | john-lewis.co.uk