Utopia    Ideas 20 Jan 2018

January detox – strip your bathroom back to create a clean, linear look for 2018

If you’re a health-obsessed mindfulness guru then January usually sparks the start of a deep detox, but this year forget living under the cliché haze of green teas and kale smoothies – a detox can apply to your home too!

Stripping back your interiors to create a less cluttered, simplified scheme is certainly a positive step toward a mindful and harmonious house. This works particularly effectively in the bathroom – an essential element of the home, this space should mark a sanctuary for peace and relaxation. Consider a crisp, clean and linear look for your new 2018 bathroom. Focus on essential products, including a luxuriously deep bath, capacious sink, a toilet that works both aesthetically and functionally, and, importantly, taps that will provide a gentle, massaging, easily-controlled flow of water.

Villeroy & Boch’s new Finion collection is the ideal choice for a stripped-back linear look. The collection’s large freestanding centrepiece bath will offer a truly immersive soak and is available with a metallic ring – which encircles the bottom of the bath – in three different colours. Additionally, the bath also features ambient under-lighting, available in a variety of colours thanks to the Colour in Demand functionality.

While the range’s washbasins are designed by Patrick Frey and crafted from TitanCeram. “I took full advantage of the benefits of TitanCeram for the flowing, strongly contoured design of the washbasins as this material allowed me to make very thin and fine forms,” Patrick explained. The result was a series of 10 ceramic washbasin models, with walls of only 6mm in thickness. Neatly matching the contemporary washbasins, the Finion toilet and bidet boast clear, linear aesthetics and can be wall-mounted using invisible SupraFix method, to give clean, seamless finish.

Villeroy & Boch | villeroy-boch.com