Designer    Ideas 13 Apr 2017

Inspiration station – top designers discuss their theories on where to grasp the greatest design inspiration

We’ve spoken to top designers on who, what or where inspires them…

Claire Rendall – “I’m a bit of a photographic freak and take photos all the time. It can be textures or shapes or shadows. These can often trigger an idea. I love travelling and I think it’s important to top up the image bank in your head with new ideas and ways of doing things. I love Franke Gehry too, Franke Lloyd Wright and Zaha Hadid. I just love their unique way of looking at the world. One of my favourite buildings is Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. I love the way it sits in the landscape and how everything is thought about inside from a fireplace that makes you feel as though you’re sitting by a river, to repeat patterns in every texture and door handle. I love a building that’s a complete concept.”

Kia Stanford, Kia Designs – “Travel inspires me. I adore walking around new cities or rural areas and getting to know new people who have a different world view.”

Richard McGee, Holloways of Ludlow – “I really like to understand the science of materials and how they work, and then using these materials in areas that fully exploit their properties. For example, Linoleum has acoustic properties which help reduce the noise of appliances, as well as hygienic qualities. Its natural, inherent properties actually halt the breeding of many micro-organisms making this ideal material for cladding kitchens. Linoleum also has a beautiful aesthetic and is very tactile, adding softness to usually hard cabinets.”

Julia Kendell – “As a designer it’s a bit of everything, and I think it needs to be. It’s very interesting the general movement and origins of trends sometimes I think I’m the first person to come up with a trend, but then I track it back to origins that are half way across the globe. So it’s really interesting that general movement. I mostly rely on magazine and social media – I love Instagram. Particularly going to hotel and restaurants, because designers have no fear there, they aren’t designing for a person or family with all the restrictions that go with that, so I love distilling commercial design to suit a home.”

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