Utopia    Ideas 28 Nov 2017

The fantastic four – Falmec showcases it top four kitchen extractor models 

Kitchen extractors are no longer simply a functional essential; with the right shape and finish, they can work as a stylish accessory or a perfect centrepiece for a large island.

However, with so many options available, choosing the right exactor isn’t always a simple task. We’ve chosen four of our absolute favourites from appliance specialist, Falmec, to give you a little inspiration…

Falmec Lumina NRS

Simple yet incredibly sleek, the Lumina NRS is finished in a classic stainless steel and feature an 800 m3 /hr extraction capability. The Lumina model is also part of Falmec’s Noise Reduction System Collection, which received QuietMark accreditation this year – an award given to appliances that can function perfectly while only emitting the absolute minimum amount of noise, 334-53dB in Lumina’s case. Falmec’s Lumina is available as a traditional wall installation or as a statement over-island feature.

Falmec Piano

Falmec’s Piano surface mounted extraction system is integrated into a hob with 4 induction zones, and is a perfect solution for the more petite kitchen. The multi-functional Piano is cleverly designed to save space by placing the ducting down at the back of the cabinet, to still leave plentiful storage space at the front.

 Falmec Mare E.ion

The Mare E.ion recirculation extractor boats a sleek, circular design and is available in a choice of black or white glass. Not only does the Mare offer excellent rates of extraction but the patented E.ion system works to sanitise odours, irritants and pollutants in the air and is available as a wall or island installation.

The quality of the air can be monitored by the E.ion extractor through the product’s leaf-shaped sensor, which gradually changes from orange to green as the air is purified. Thanks to the automatic mode, when the sensor detects a deterioration in air quality in the room, the system switches on by itself to sanitise and purify the air.

 Falmec Soffio with Circle.Tech technology

New from Falmec, the Soffio extractor features a circular canopy constructed from hand-blown Murano glass. Available in either white or amber, the Soffio extractor makes a stunning design statement in the kitchen or indeed anywhere in the home. It’s subtle lighting, which glows through the coloured Murano glass, helps to create a warm and relaxing ambience, while the Circle.Tech technology allows air to be expelled evenly through the filters surrounding the motor, allowing for extraction rates up to 86%.

Falmec | falmec.co.uk