Designer    Ideas 25 Apr 2017

Be enlightened – illuminate your designs with creative and eclectic lighting ideas

Lighting is an integral element of any design, specifically within the kitchen and bathroom, but is often only considered in a purely practical fashion. However, lighting can be used in a creative, attractive and aesthetically impactful way.

The British Standard kitchen (featured) is finished in a combination of two-tone Farrow & Ball Yellow and Pointing shades, while the worktops are crafted from reclaimed oak, and the floors are in an interesting polished concrete – to add an industrial twist to the rustic and artistic scheme. However, the focal point of this design is definitely the lighting scheme.

There are 50 separate ‘Simple Lights’ fittings from the ‘Made For You’ collection, by Urban Cottage Industries, each individually attached the ceiling. While the lights are suspended by simple grey cables and finished with Edison Teardrop Filament Bulbs, both from Mullan Lighting.

The visual effect of this blends industrial influences with a very pretty, ethereal and ambient atmospheric. This lighting design completely transforms the aesthetic of the kitchen – the rustic cabinetry and island, concrete flooring and steel grey coloured bar stools all align to a very strong, masculine and industrial aesthetic, while the delicate sporadically placed lighting adds a feminine touch – lightening the scheme, and allowing the space a homely aesthetic and welcoming glow from the multitude of bulbs.

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