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The do’s and don’ts for technology in the bathroom – four simple steps to get it right…

We’ve seen masses of shiny new high-tech products storm into the bathroom market lately, and as exciting as it can be, it’s easy to end up with an Inspector Gadget-style suite that performs every possible function but doesn’t exactly exude tranquillity.

To avoid this, it’s important to think about the balance of function and aesthetics. Here are a few of our top tips for incorporating high-tech products into the bathroom:

  1. Focus on the water: All spas place a huge focus on water, both in its aesthetics and delivery. High-tech shower systems that provide all manner of sprays – from waterfall to stream – will invigorate your senses and provide the perfect start to the morning. TOTO’s DaySpa shower is an ideal example, with an enlivening Active Wave setting, that delivers a powerful stream of water; the Comfort Wave setting, which is the perfect wind-down with a refreshing and soft shower, and the Warm Spa, that mimics the feeling of a warm bath with an all-immersive spray. The shower provides a spa-like experience, all encapsulated within a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, with the added benefit of a water flow limiter that ensures it is economical in its water usage.
  2. Let there be light: Integrated LED lighting can be a perfect solution for any pesky middle of the night trips to the toilet, as a low-lit LED radiating from your furniture or sanitaryware can be much more conducive to sleepy eyes than turning on the main light. Laufen’s Clean Riva shower toilet features white LEDs positioned on the underside of the body; these emit a subtle glow and will allow you to easily locate the toilet at night, without use of any brighter lights. While, when it comes to morning routines, any make-up fanatic will appreciate the additional light of an LED-illuminated wall mirror. The Langham and Marlborough models from The Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection combine beautiful hand-painted aesthetics with sensor-activated LED lighting.
  3. Be picky: Don’t opt for technology simply for the sake of technology, each investment should assist with your bathroom routine and become your next ‘can’t live without it’ product. Many of the new tech-heavy bathroom products on the market focus on minimising the daily effort of bathroom routines and enhancing hygiene stands. Products coated in specially-resistant finishes, such as Grohe’s PureGuard antibacterial finish prevents limescale, making your bathroom easier to clean, and fights bacteria to ensure maximum hygiene levels.
  4. Voice your opinion: A new indulgence the bathroom industry has recently offered us is voice activation and control. Bathroom designers worldwide are working to allow your smart bathroom products to be controlled through the market-leading voice control assistants, such as the Google Home and Amazon Echo. Kohler has introduced its Konnect range of voice-controlled bathroom products, which includes the PerfectFill kit, that allows you to fill your bath to the exact right depth and temperature without even entering the bathroom. While the Touchless Response Toilet features motion sensor flushing, that diminishes the spread of germs, by not having to touch any lever or button. 

Featured: Tiaara bathroom by Artize.

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