Utopia    Ideas 13 Jun 2017

To create summer style in the bathroom, look to the serene hues of ocean blues

Sky blue, turquoise, aqua, cadet, royal – when it comes to blue, the possibilities are almost limitless. Selecting a rich and vibrant, ocean-inspired colour can connect your bathroom to thoughts of sea, summer and sunshine. Either one the walls, tiles, floors or furniture, blue is a splendid selection, that will fill you with holiday vibes all year round; take a look at some of the following beautiful blue bathroom ideas…

The round Metropole basin (featured) by Glass Design is made from Florence Glass Atelier crystal and each piece is handmade in Tuscany. Available in a variety of finishes including silver, gold, bronze, rose, platinum and aquamarine. It features a unique textural exterior which resembles shot
silk and provides a visual contrast with a smooth easy-clean interior. From £600  (glassdesign.it)


The Brunel cast iron bath from Aston Matthews measures 1700 x 700mm and is shown here with a wall-mounted Zyam shower mixer in chrome. Shower mixer £475. Bath £3,295 (astonmatthews.co.uk)