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To create a scheme that’s the fairest of them all, use the magic of mirrors

To create a scheme that’s the fairest of them all, use the magic of mirrors

Fashions throughout the ages have reflected the impact that wall mirrors can make – from ancient palaces and stately homes adorned with gilt framed mirrors to contemporary city apartments with mirror clad kitchen islands and abstract mirrored glass art over the walls. These simple, reflective glass pieces can be transformed into something extraordinary, and transform your room into an extraordinary space.

The curated selection of wall mirrors, from Covet House are inspired by fairytales, including the Magical Mirror TV, which appears as a monumental version of a delicate handheld vanity mirror, but this innovative piece actually transforms into a functioning television. While the Glance mirror creates the illusion of the glass being shattered and moulded back together with liquid gold; this piece would make a striking feature within an ultra-contemporary bathroom. Just ensure there is enough space in your bathroom to feature two mirrors – as a more practical, easy to use piece may be required to accompany this design.

However, when planning to feature a mirror in the kitchen or bathroom, there are some key practical considerations to keep in mind:

– Look at where the natural light and artificial light enters your room and how the light will be reflected around the space, by the mirror. Mirrors can be great for dispersing light around the room, but this can often backfire and cause unsightly glares if the mirror and lighting are not position in cohesion with one another.

– Mirrors aren’t always the easiest thing to keep clean, so if considering placing a mirror in the kitchen area, keep these away from preparation and cooking zones where it could incur splashes and marks. Instead consider hanging them in social areas, where they will make great visual impact.

– Bathroom mirrors in particular need to be carefully maintained, an anti-mist mirror will ensure steam from showers and baths will not cloud the glass. Illuminated bathroom mirrors can also be great for applying make-up, or could offer a soft, ambient lighting option for use of the bathrooms at night.


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