Utopia    Ideas 30 Mar 2017

Colour consultant for Crown Paints, Judy Smith, gives Utopia her famous painting secrets

Choosing the right paint colour for your interior is one of life’s greatest conundrums. Samples, feature walls and shading options can often make or break a room, so we’ve sought the advice of Crown Imperial’s colour consultant, Judy Smith, to give us a professional breakdown of the material.

When it comes to feature walls, it is all about the combination of bold colours against a neutral canvas. Judy says “If you’re looking to add character to your living space, then create a feature wall. Choose tones of the same basic colour as your neutral walls and enhance these with bolder shades. For instance, choose a pale grey green, and enhance this colour with a deeper olive.”

However, not every property is graced with the space or light needed for such a bold design. For the smaller and more compact home, Judy marks pale colours as a dark room’s best friend. She states “if you’re hoping to make your living space look bigger, opt for a pale colour scheme. Pale colours are light reflective and therefore open up a space. Remember, pale colours don’t have to be neutral. Choose a muted version of your favourite tones, such as a dusty lilac or cool pale blue.”

So take on the paint challenge and either dare to go bold with Judy’s feature wall, or opt for a more subdued and sophisticated pale colour palette – the choice is yours!