Utopia    Ideas 26 Apr 2017

Colour connections – choosing the perfect palette can transform your mood and your kitchen

The colour of your kitchen, bathroom, or living area can resonate with you in a much deeper way than you might first assume. Connections between colour and mood or colour and season are well versed among all the interiors market; we know that red relates to warmth, passion, festivity or anger, while we connect blue to the sky, sea and feelings of calm or even sadness. But what other factors should be considered when picking the perfect palette?

Colour expert, Tony McCarthy from Crown Imperial said:

“Adding colour in the kitchen allows you the opportunity to stamp your own personality on a room. Neutrals and textures remain popular, subtly adding a tranquil feel to the kitchen and dining space. Alternatively mixing vibrant colours are uplifting, for example rich tones such as copper add warmth and are a great choice to kick start your day. We suggest selecting a colour ‘focal point’ whether a bank of appliances or island unit to set the tone and then add colour through walls, accessories and lighting for a seamless feel”.

Crown Imperial | crownimperial.co.uk