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Bottle vs. tap – Grohe explains how tasty tap water can save money and the environment

With work, life, family and friends keeping us constantly on the go, it’s essential to keep hydrated, and of course the world’s favourite thirst quencher has to be water. But beyond the health benefits, our water use massively effects the environment too. Grohe has put water to the test, comparing the benefits of bottled water to drinking straight from the tap, and here’s what they found…

Keeping it convenient

Driving, parking, trawling through the supermarket, lugging heavy crates of water, making space in your fridge or cupboards grocery shopping – keeping hydrated with bottled water can be a long and tiresome process, not to mention expensive. However, drinking water straight from the Grohe Blue Home tap takes only a glass and the pull of a lever. The Blue Home model comprises of a kitchen tap, cooling technology, an integrated filter and a CO2 bottle. At the gentle touch of a button, it supplies you with delicious filtered water, cooled to perfection and available in three varieties: still, lightly sparkling or sparkling.


The refreshment factor  

A simple glass of water can cure even the most parched of mouths, but for a slightly tastier tipple water from Grohe Blue Home tap can be transformed into a delicious drink. A ‘Sparkling Summer’, ‘Basil Julep’ and ‘Jungle’ mocktail are all made from chilled still, medium or sparkling water – which can all come directly from the Grohe Blue Home tap, saving you time and energy buying separate bottles for every type of water.


When it comes to water, non-biodegradable plastic bottles are currently causing a serious problem for the environment. Interestingly, it also takes a total of seven litres of water to produce one single litre of bottled mineral water – not to mention the necessary energy costs and the CO2 emitted in the process. Whereas to get one litre of water from Grohe’s Blue Home tap, all it takes is one litre of water – this simple logic makes a dramatic result when it comes to the environmental effects. Additionally, the Grohe water system also reduces CO2 emissions by over 60%.


Delicious, convenient and sustainable… perhaps it’s time to turn to the tap!

Grohe | grohe.co.uk
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