Utopia    Ideas 13 Apr 2017

Alexander James’ interior design tips will add the glory of glamour to your home

Declutter – a show home environment will never have bits and bobs scattered about the kitchen. Reduce the amount of items on visible surfaces by selecting subtle storage options and plentiful cabinetry that can make a clean, minimal environment feasible on a day to day basis.

Colour is key – a base of complementary neutral tones, with a couple of brighter colours for contrast will help to create a warm, yet stylish environment. Start with a colour wheel and mood board to inspire yourself.

Mirror, mirror – mirrors encourage lighting to be dispersed amongst the entire room. Natural light is of course, essential, so consider placing mirrors in parallel to a window or glass doors, as the natural light can then be bounced about the room.

Texture – compare and contrast fabrics and textures; aim not to select the same fabrics and finishes for your entire room, as creating contrast can add character and depth.

“Bringing glamour and style to your home doesn’t have to be about making big changes. Try to step back and take a fresh look at your rooms; which features and objects stand out? How do they coordinate with the other items in the room? What feeling does the room give you? Once you take a long, hard look at your home, you’ll be able to identify which colours and objects dominate it – and to change them if necessary.”

Stacey Sibley, Creative Director, Alexander James Interior Design

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