Utopia    Ideas 02 Mar 2017

4 products that will make sure your bathroom oozes a sophisticated and urban design style

If an urban-industrial bathroom design scheme is what you are after, we’ve picked out a few key products that will get you started on the right track.

1) Hollywood Bar 5 Light Wall Light, Frontline Bathrooms.

Displaying a somewhat glamorous take on an industrial design is this 5-bulb wall light from Frontline Bathrooms. Emitting a warm, even, glow this light fitting is a great way to warm up slightly cooler grey toned walls.

Price: £85


2)F60 Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer, Frontline Bathrooms.

With its sleek and sharp aesthetic, the Aquaflow F60 Freestanding Bath Shower is the perfect shower component to pair with an equally chic contemporary freestanding bath. Finished in chrome, this mixer exudes a cool industrial feel and is the perfect start, or addition, to your urban scheme.

Price: £765



3) Series 8 Shower Wall, Merlyn Showering.

Simple in design, yet powerful in style, is the Series 8 shower wall, featuring a frameless 8mm toughened safety glass and standing at an impressive 2.01m high. The minimalist nature of this wet room is ideal for larger bathrooms that want a clean industrial edge.

From £590


4) 10 Series Sliding Door with Side Panel, Merlyn Showering.

Made of 10mm thick toughened glass the 10 Series is the flagship of the Merlyn Series ranges. The ultra smooth roller action of the 10 Series allows this 2.1m high glass door to open and close effortlessly. Available in mysterious smoked black glass, this shower enclosure is made for the alternative designer.

From £1,600



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